Every deaf child has the right to learn a first language effortlessly.


I aim to educate and raise awareness about the importance of American Sign Language for deaf and hard of hearing children.



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Not only did Kim provide an evidence-based presentation to our staff members, but she presented the information in a way that was clear, engaging, and non-threatening. This created a space for our staff to have an open dialogue full of questions and comments pertaining to working with our diverse student population. This ultimately has allowed us to explore (and continue to explore) best practices for our students.
— Leigh
In a world full of misinformation surrounding deafness, Language First is an extraordinary resource.
— Pallavi
Kimberly was knowledgeable and engaging throughout the three hour presentation. She came prepared with helpful handouts and video examples of how she uses bilingualism in her daily practice. She answered the therapists questions and concerns, and offered to return for future workshops and collaboration. In my opinion, Kimberly was able to give my department a deeper level of understanding of bilingualism and the unique role of the SLP in a bilingual program.
— Kim


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Language First has already helped my family advocate for ASL inside a school system that had zero understanding of deafness and Deaf education.
— Will
As a speech pathology student who is fluent in ASL, Kimberly’s work has been critical in helping me understand language development, multilingualism, cultural competency, creativity, and advocacy. She genuinely listens to the concerns of the community and has inspired me more than any other mentor I’ve had. She has so many resources about language learning and cognitive development that have helped me see how to support my clients in the best ways possible.
— Marissa
Language First stresses the importance of language acquisition rather than relying solely on hearing. Language First also debunks the myths that you have to hear in order to be happy and successful.
— Karenita